Friday, 8 April 2011

First run through the professional mill for new cameras.

Neghaf was our first commissioned project (under Major Oak Entertainment Ltd – to fully utilize our two brand new cameras - a BBC approved HD Panasonic HPX301e and the Canon Rebel T2i/550D HDSLR camera.

This also turned out to be the perfect testing ground to see how both cameras would hold up to the demands of greenscreen work, where the better the quality of colour definition, the better the end results, and also the intensive grading process required for the stylised look that we wanted. 

Below is the promo edit we put together for showreel purposes.


The stylised look also gave the new cameras their chance to shine in post-production. The images that these cameras gave us made keying (the process of removing the green background) a breeze compared to those images captured by DV and HDV cameras. But also, the ability for shadow and highlight areas to retain detail was far greater to anything we’d used before – grading with the footage shot by these cameras was a real joy.

 All grading work was done using Adobe After Effects.