Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dell upsets the Apple cart.... but it's Apple's own fault.

After years of hearing from lots of other professional editors and sound people, how much better Macs are than PC’s when it comes to professional video post-production work, it was great to hear the news that many professional video editors are now forgetting their old alliances with Apple and turning to Dell PC workstations.

We’re big fans of Dell machines, but it’s great to know that other editing professionals are also now embracing the very same model of laptop we've been using for a number of years.

Many of the shot's for the All That Remains trailer below were generated on our Dell Precision and it's now  an integral part of our editing/FX suite.

Sure these laptops aren't as “artful” looking as an Apple Mac, but it’s what’s inside that matters, and our Dell laptops have always proved to be reliable work horses, so much so, after buying our first Dell laptop, we've stuck with them ever since.

It seems Apple have brought on this mass emigration to Dell systems themselves, which must make the victory for Dell that bit sweeter. Lesson to be learnt here - don't get complacent (and lazy) and look after your loyal customers, no matter how big and lorded you are.

To prove the superiority of a Dell system over that of a Mac, Dell brought in an independent third party to perform a series of benchmark tests. As for the outcome, well...

The results showed the Dell Precision T7600, featuring Intel Xeon processors,outperformed Apple Mac Pro by up to 96.5% on video production tasks and is up to 28 times faster than the Mac Pro! For example, to render an entire work area for an AVCHD four-layer video, the Dell Precision T7600 with an Intel Xeon processor took only 13 seconds to do what it took the Apple Mac Pro more than 6 minutes to accomplish.
But this wasn’t some fluke test. The average time saved, incorporating every single test that was run, was 79 percent! 
Source: Nofilmschool

Having said all the above, we've always said, it’s not the tools that make an artist, so let’s not get hung up on which system or computer is better. It’s just nice to wipe the smirk of those once smug Mac lovers we've run into from time to time...