Sunday, 25 September 2011

New picture style from Technicolor

Technicolor has teamed up with Canon to release the “cinestyle” picture style for the Canon range of DSLR’s, and it’s free to download.

From their website:
“The Technicolor CineStyle™ is a Picture Style (profile) for Canon EOS DSLR cameras that optimizes the dynamic range in the image by leveraging the capabilities of the Canon imaging chipset. Cinematographers and their post-production partners will have greater flexibility in color grading and finishing their projects”.

Of course, we had to try it out for ourselves.  Admittedly having a company like Technicolor behind this picture style gives you a lot of confidence and it didn’t disappoint. The raw image looks very flat and un-inspiring, but once you’ve got it loaded into your grading software of choice and you start playing around with it, it comes to life beautifully. Remember these picture styles are designed for grading.

The amazing thing about this new picture style is that it increases the dynamic range of the Canon DSLR’s to almost equal that of the much lorded RED ONE camera.

We’ll do some proper testing with this picture style as soon as we get a chance.

Download it here: