Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Mixed Medium – the beauty of digital film

What we love most about working in digital film is the ability to mix mediums, whether it’s 2D images with 3D images, photos with video, or all of the above, the freedom of being able to blend all these different elements together into a single shot or sequence is liberating. It frees the artist to be able to explore his or her imagination.

Of course you need to have a pretty diverse skill set, or a small team behind you, but there’s nothing more exciting that being the architect of your own vision, plus we always believe that putting in the effort to learn new skills and investing in new software is pretty much essential if you’re going to be working with limited budget restraints. The more you can do yourself, the better.

Below are screengrabs showing a shot we worked on for a music video we recently directed and produced. It illustrates how we work between different software and how we blended CGI with live action.

You can view the video below.