Monday, 14 May 2012

The digital evolution gets a touch of magic

OK – looks like the Bolex camera we mentioned in our blog dated 15th March 2012 isn’t the only new kind of camera about to make a splash.

The all new Blackmagic cinema camera is already creating waves in the film world and has been used to shoot features such as The Wrestler and Black Swan – so it’s had its baptism of fire.

The camera’s shoots in RAW, 2.5K resolution with 13-stop dynamic range and has a built-in touchscreen LCD. It also a Canon EF mount camera meaning it’ll take Canon lenses.

Check out some test footage shot from this camera by John Brawley here.

We thought the footage looked pretty amazing, especially the low light stuff.

Like the Bolex, this camera is on the market for under $3000, so we’ll probably want to see a bit more from both before deciding on which we think would suit us best.

Also, we've just heard that IKonskop have announced they've produced a BLACK AND WHITE Raw shooting HD cam. This got our interest because our first feature was shot in black and white and there were a few, including one or two on the production crew, who just couldn’t get their heads around the artistic merits of shooting in black and white.

With the release of films such as City of Life and Death and the highly critically acclaimed The Artist maybe we're seeing a resurgence in black and white film-making?

If so, we really hope it has the knock on effect of renewing interest in some of the old classics from early cinema - the days of the silver screen, and the now often forgotten masterpieces of artists who were just as pioneering, if not more so, that the cutting edge digital film-makers of today.

One more thing - You may have noticed our website for Pixel Revolution Films isn’t where it should be, well we’ve just changed our web host and it will be back  up and running ASAP.

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