Saturday, 16 June 2012

London calling...

The first auditions were held in London last Monday for our feature project, All That Remains (working title), and already we are excited about what some of these potential actors will be able to bring to this film.

This for us has to be one the hardest parts of the filmmaking phase- getting the right cast. We are visual filmmakers so when we cast, we are thinking, how will that face fit into the design of our film? Like a painter choosing his or her model. Faces are fascinating; a face can be beautiful, disturbing or quirky – they can really make an impact on the look of your film, and we are also casting for iconic roles here, these faces need to be memorable.

And even though the visual style of the film will be very animated looking with its strong painterly wash, we didn’t want to use CG actors because of course, an actor is much more than a physical prop. A great actor has the ability to make you laugh or cry, because they allow you to see, in their performance, something that is honest. CG actors are actors without a soul, and this film is about a man who discovers he has one!

Another aspect we look at when we cast is chemistry. How do the cast connect with each other and how do they connect with us?

We are looking for collaborators; actors are creative- it’s what they do. We want to create characters with depth. This is why our scripts are constantly in a state of evolving, even right up to the editing stages, it’s just how we work.

It’s going to be a busy few weeks ahead of us!