Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Greenscreen before and after shots...

Working with greenscreen can be a truly magical experience, watching these shots literally transform into something so very different to what you actually filmed and blossom into something wonderful is up there with the other "magic moments" of making a film, such as the moment the right actor walks into a casting session and you know you've got your star, or when you see your script breathe life through an actors performance.

But greenscreen does require your cast and crew to have absolute trust in you as director. Many times, all they have to work with is a green wall and imaginary props.

Actresses Ava Lyn Koh and Kyoko Morita act out a scene.

Japanese actor Junichi Kajioka preparing for his close-up.
One thing we always do to help foster the all important trust needed when working on a greensreen shoot, is show our cast and crew  previous greenscreen shots we've filmed that have been completed, this helps boost their confidence in the project and their excitement.  Excitement = passion, and passion + confidence = performance.

Below is a selection of greenscreen footage we shot for our feature, All That Remains showing before and after we've got to work on them.

A few more stills from scenes we've worked on....

(All images (c) Pixel Revolution Films & Major Oak Entertainment Ltd)

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