Thursday, 11 October 2012

It's producer hat today...

So, if you read this blog fairly regularly, you'll know we're halfway through making our third feature length project, "All That Remains".

You'll also know we're pushing the boat out on a ultra tight budget. So far we've done what many people told us we couldn't, but we still have a little way to go before we have a finished movie wrapped up and ready to go to market.... and we need a little more cash in the budget to ensure we can give the film the finishing treatment it deserves.

So.... we've just launched another Indiegogo campaign and are looking for a few kind individuals to help us out.

Of course we don't expect money for nothing, so we've listed several perks we'll give in return for various amounts of donations, for example, a donation of $75, will get you a signed copy of the finished movie on DVD and your name in the credits. But even a small donation of $15 will still get your name in the credits (in the special thank you listings) and for an even larger donation, you can get a producing credit.

If you have a spare few dollars/pounds why not head over to our Indiegogo page (by clicking on the widget below) and help us to make a very special movie!

(Visit the movie's official blog here)

Alternatively you can help spread the word - below are some of the official art work for the movie, fresh off the press. Feel free to post these on your own blogs or social media sites, but please don't forget to include the following URL:

Facebook cover 1
Facebook cover 2
Promo art 1
Promo art 2